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Top 10 mistakes new landlords make

Are you a new landlord or recent property investor? Do you want to ensure your asset performs well and is managed more effectively? I’ve borrowed the words of wisdom of one of my colleagues and excellent property managers here in Sydney, Nikki Montaser from FrontDoor Property, and hope you find the article worthwhile. This article […]

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Sydney property prices: Where are we headed?

After almost five years of stellar capital growth here in Sydney, sentiment appears to be changing out there in the public.  Certainly the media have been printing more “doom and gloom” stories than previous years, and whilst selling agents will generally remain optimistic (after all their job is to sell!) on the ground we have […]

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A fairer go for NSW first home buyers

In the last budget changes were announced for a number of measures designed at assisting NSW first home buyers (FHB) to get into the increasingly unaffordable housing market.  Particularly for Sydney buyers, these should prove helpful in being able to potentially get a foot on the housing ladder a little easier.  Come July 1 2017 […]

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Budget 2017: How will it impact property?

It’s clear that there are winners and losers in this year’s NSW budget.  Property investors are often seen as a target for our state government in which to increase revenue coffers, and this year’s release is no surprise.  Whilst investors have lost some tax deductible benefits, including travel when inspecting investment properties, foreign investors have […]

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Common buyer mistakes: Are you guilty?

Because so many buyers only go through the buying process once every seven years or so (the average time that Australians move house) they can be a little “rusty” when it comes time to purchasing what is often the largest asset of their lives.  Here at House Search we’re often approached by several clients who […]

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